Types of Asphalt Paving for parking lots, roads, and commercial driveways include:

•Asphalt Overlay (Edge Mill & Surface Mill)
•Asphalt Fabric Overlay (Edge Mill or Surface Mill with Petro-mat)
•Removal & Replacement (Links to Asphalt Patching)
•New Installation

When paving a parking lot that is newly constructed or milling and re-paving, there are several factors that go in to making sure the project is a success.

•Sound base new construction or sound asphalt mat for overlays
•Positive drainage throughout the paved surface
•Proper compaction with a combination of rollers.

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Our team at National Pavement Partners specializes in parking lot mill and overlays. Whether is an Edge Mill and Overlay or a Surface Mill and Overlay, our team always does our homework and due diligence to ensure a successful projects around the nation.
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