Asphalt Patching at Storefront

Asphalt Patching at Storefront

Our team at National Pavement Partners, LLC received a call recently requesting asphalt patching in Thornton.  Our crew of asphalt professionals is expertly trained in all aspects of asphalt paving services.  We informed the client that we were prepared to help with all of their asphalt repair needs. The client explained to us that a large pothole had formed in their parking lot. The area was near the sidewalk, becoming a hazard for cars and pedestrians. She needed the asphalt repair done quickly and effectively. We informed her that our team could make it out the following morning.  She was very happy to know that she had contacted the top paving contractor in Thornton.

We arrived at the storefront the next morning to examine the severity of the damage. We noticed the pothole upon arrival and realized that the patch job would not be too difficult. The location of the pothole definitely was dangerous for both cars and pedestrians. We quickly got to work, patching the pothole. We realized that we would have to follow the pothole patching with surface patching in order to level out the area. This would add a little extra time, but revitalize the use and aesthetic of the parking lot.

The entirety of the project took less than a day of work. With a crew of a couple members, we were able to work through the pothole and surface patching effectively and efficiently. We finished the project without interrupting any business. At the end of the project, the store owner told us she was very happy with our work. She thanked us for our time and let us know that she would be calling is for future asphalt repairs and maintenance.

If you having any asphalt paving needs make sure to contact us today! At National Pavement Partners, LLC we take pride in our exceptional customer service, diligence, and craftsmanship. From crack sealing to new asphalt installation, we can handle any job.

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