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A great parking lot can make the difference between a favorable first impression and a customer’s sour mood right when they walk through the door. No one wants to put up with the headaches and hassle that potholes and unsightly cracks can bring. To avoid this, our commercial clients make sure to let us deal with their parking lot maintenance in Lakewood. Our experience and know-how in the industry allow us to deal with these issues quickly and on a friendly budget. If you need service now, be sure to give us a call as soon as you can!

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We provide asphalt repairs, maintenance, and parking lot installations. If you have a question about an upcoming project, or about our contracting process, be sure to give us a call! One of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you.

Lakewood, Colorado

Lakewood is the fifth most populous city in Colorado as it has a population of 142,980. The community was first inhabited by Charles Welch and W.A.H. Loveland. The city was then incorporated in 1969. The city of Lakewood is an excellent place to visit and to live in.

National Pavement Partners, LLC was the paving contractor in Lakewood for this job

Bear Creek Lake Park is a top choice for visitors to the city. Bear Creek Lake Park offers a variety of activities, which include boating, fishing, swimming, hiking, horseback riding, and camping. The park also has an archery range has one moveable target, 12 bale targets, and shade shelters. There is no admission fee required to go and use the archery range at the park.

The Lakewood Cultural Center provides world-class performances year-round. The Lakewood Cultural Center has a 320-seat theater that puts on a mixture of live theater shows, music concerts, dance programs, and other shows that the entire family will enjoy. The Lakewood Heritage Center is another fantastic place that offers different activities for the entire family. The center offers workshops, soap making, and story times for children. The center is open year-round and visitors can visit their website to see what activities are being offered.

The city is home to two professional golf courses. The Fox Hollow and Homestead Golf Course both offer a challenging game of golf for all levels of golf players. Both of the golf courses are located next to lakes and streams and the background is rolling prairie lands. Golf enthusiasts will appreciate the beauty and challenging golf that is offered at both of these golf courses. After an afternoon on the course, visitors can head downtown to enjoy shopping and dining. There are a variety of locally owned boutiques, shops, and cafés. The best-cooked foods can be found at the diners and cafés in downtown.

National Pavement Partners is the number one asphalt provider that business owners can contact for all their parking lot issues. We will work with you to provide an affordable solution that you will be happy with. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation.


Read About a Recent Lakewood Asphalt Project!

Resurfacing for an Industrial Client

Not long ago, our staff here at the office received a call from a production manager who had recently taken a look at his loading area and realized it needed some help. He gave us a call, and asked about our services doing parking lot repair in Lakewood. He described the situation to us, telling us that his loading area was ripe for a refresh. It appeared to have severe alligator cracking and a couple of potholes. We were concerned for the customer, so we told him that we would be out to his location later that day to start the estimating process. It turns out he needed a lot more help than just some simple parking lot crack sealing! We ended up resurfacing major portions of the area for this commercial asphalt contractor project.

Asphalt Maintenance and Paving Begins

Once the customer had seen the estimate and agreed to contract us for the work, we were ready to get started. There were a few complicated aspects of this job. The first part was figuring out the scheduling. Since he had daily traffic going in an out of the area, we had to do the job over the weekend. The manager was able to schedule intake and deliveries that week up until Thursday. We were very glad that they were kind enough to provide us the extra day. 

National Pavement Partners, LLC did a great job with this lakewood asphalt contractor project

Then, there was the actual asphalt. We had to remove some large portions, which required us to bring an extra truck. Usually this would be no problem, but this space was a little tighter than what we are used to working with, so that took some logistical prowess to overcome. Ultimately, the job ended up going very smoothly thanks to some thoughtful planning ahead of executing the project. 

When we started out on Friday, things were going in a very positive and hassle-free direction, and our crew’s outlook was optimistic. After the first day, we had exposed the base layer and were ready to resurface the area with new asphalt paving. By the end of that Saturday, we had most of it compacted. Finally, all we needed to do was seal the area and make sure there were places exposing the base layer. Everything basically went off without a hitch. Luckily, the client didn’t need us to paint the area, which may have required an extra day. 

When the job was finished, our customer told us that he was extremely relieved that he wouldn’t have to worry about problems with this loading area. It was clearly a vital part of this business’s operation, and we were happy to help them with a job well done.

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