Creating New Spaces is Not an Issue

Creating New Spaces is Not an Issue

During last season we got a call for a job that turned out to be a little more complex than we initially though. It took some extra planning, but in the end it was no sweat. A customer had called us wanting to expand their parking area and add some additional handicapped spaces. Of course, we were happy to help them with their request for parking lot paving in Centennial. Providing additional safety through our paving services is something we are always glad to work on as often as we can!

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The first step was going out to their property and determining exactly what needed to be done. They wanted a portion of a large stretch of concrete to be taken in and replaced with parking spaces, most of them ultimately to be marked as handicapped areas or handicapped loading zones. Our plan was to excavate one side, and place the spaces there. However, there simply wasn’t enough road clearance to allow for the spaces. After some discussion, it was decided that we could also add spaces on the other side of the small roadway. 

A successful parking lot paving project in Centennial

After we got the go ahead to proceed with this plan, we got to work. Taking out a lot of that curb and grass was a bit tricky, but we ended up with a very useable workspace that would allow us to lay the paving that we needed to. Once that was out of the way, we put down the base layer and planned out the sectioning of the parking spaces on either side. Since we had all the clearance we needed, this was a fairly simple task.

Our team completed the compaction process after the hot mix was applied. That part of the job was also really straightforward. Most of the time, a quality asphalt job comes down to good preparation (and sometimes a little luck with the weather) and planning. Finally, we were ready to paint the newly sealed asphalt. Because of the curve, we had to be a little more precise than with a more rectangular lot. Of course, this really was no problem for us either.

Once the job was finished, we let the client know that everything had been taken care of. They were very happy with the look of the new asphalt, and remarked at how much it would better serve their clientele. We were happy to help this customer and hope to work with them again!


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