Installation Job for New Business

Installation Job for New Business

We recently got a call to work on a beautiful location doing some parking lot paving in Lone Tree. The client was a retail business that needed new paving installed ahead of one of their store openings. The site was mostly prepared, but because of building delays and additional work, they needed the paving built from scratch. We went out to the site that week to provide them with an estimate.

The Paving Contractor Project Begins

Once we had determined the full scope of the job, we gave the client a detailed estimate, including scheduling needs and a full account of costs. They were very satisfied with the thoroughness of our process initially, and scheduled the job to begin the following week. 

We did some parking lot paving in Lone Tree

Our crew arrived and was happy to see that the weather was with them. Actually, the whole week was a great time to be working on this project. We were able to complete the grading and prepare the site fully in just under half the day, which allowed us to get everything in place to install the new parking lot immediately after. By the end of the week, we had completed the base layer and compacted most of the hot mix that needed to be poured.

Once that was finished, we put the striping down. Afterwards. We cordoned off certain areas and advised that the parking lot shouldn’t receive too much heavy traffic before the opening day. The business owner agreed with us, and also let us know that he might be giving us a call in the future. Apparently he has plans to expand the structure and make room for a larger loading area. We let him know that we can accomplish job of really any size, so paving an area for loading would be no problem.

Once everything was finished, our crew cleaned up the worksite and packed up to leave. The owner of the business thanked us again for a job well done. We actually completed the job ahead of schedule, which was helped along by the great weather and the good conditions for grading the site. We told the customer that we were very happy to help, and we’ll most likely be seeing them again soon either for maintenance or new paving. It is always important to us to build strong relationships, especially when we work with great neighbors in the community.

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