Parking Lot Repair in Westminster

Parking Lot Repair in Westminster

At National Pavement Partners, LLC our crew is prepared to assist you with any asphalt paving project. Our team recently received an online quote request regarding parking lot repair in Westminster. The client was a property manager looking for a parking lot repair job done in her residential complex.  She explained to us that it had been a number of years since they had asphalt maintenance or repair. They were in the middle of renovating the complex. A part of the desired renovations was to fix the problem areas within the parking lot. We informed her that we could assist her with the asphalt repair.  We set a time that week to visit the complex, to provide an accurate estimate of the time and work that would be involved with the project.

When we arrived at the residential complex, we were greeted by the property manager. She showed us the areas where they had received complaints. She also showed us the rest of the areas they believed needed repair. By the time we were done, we were able to provide a detailed estimate of the job. In order to completely repair the parking lot, we would need a variety of asphalt repair techniques. There were a number of cracks, which needed to be sealed, a few areas that would need surface patching, and a few potholes to patched. The property manager was happy with our thorough evaluation of their asphalt surfaces.

By the time we had completed the entire job, the asphalt had a brand new feel to it. We fixed all of the problem areas effectively and came in under budget. After all of the asphalt repair work, we discussed effective asphalt maintenance techniques with the client. We informed her that with proper asphalt maintenance, the asphalt surface would last much longer. She thanked us for our hard work and help.


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